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I was a little wandering cloud
I wandered with every breeze
Dancing above every stream
Drinking nectar from the sweet spring
The summer’s blaze tried to dry me out
But I managed to wander still
And as the clumsy winter settled down
Over the ruined foliage
I travelled far and wide
Over the ocean breeze
But from somewhere the dark cloud came
Thundering like a roaring bear
I didn’t see when
Engulfed me within it
And I descended as rain
To be locked in the earthly stream.

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Anwesha Ghosh is the author of the book, 'Seasons - Songs of Life (a collection of short stories and poems).' She is the founder of SmartReads and an author, editor, book critic, and an entrepreneur. She is a prolific writer, reader, traveler and is also the Chief Editor of a travel web magazine, Dream Wanderlust . She has been a part many anthologies and her writings have received much critical appreciation for the simplicity of its style, ingenuity, and wit.