- Snigdha Jain

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Wake up from your unending sleep,
Rise above your inhuman deeds.
See the mess you’ve created,
Can you count how many have been cremated?

In your mission to change the worlds,
You spare none.
In your vision to do things right,
You destroyed every opposition.

Man, woman, child,
Everyone is your enemy,
In your quest for the ultimate victory.

You never cared for all the blood spilled,
You never cared for all the futures killed,
All that mattered to you was your twisted justice.

Uncountable dreams have been lost,
Innumerable voices remain unheard of,
All the virtues have been buried,
And humanity has been stifled.

You win echoes around the world,
But look around you,
Is there a world left to celebrate with you?

Alone, you’ll sit there on the throne,
Pondering on all your crimes,
Realising what went wrong,

If you do realize,
Pray for all the souls’ sacrifices.
Pray for all the homes you destroyed,
The bonds you severed,
The pain you caused,
For every tear that is shed because of you,
For every smile that got faded because of you.

Wake up from your slumber!


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I am a 20-year-old graduate who has a hobby of writing and one day would want to make it a full-time professional career out of it. I am from Bikaner, Rajasthan. Literature and writing are two things that inspire me beyond imagination. I am transfixed by the power that a paper and ink can hold over us, to all the places within and outside us they can make us visit. I hope and dream of one-day inspiring people for improvement and motivate them to seize the day like it has helped me to always follow my dreams. For as long as I can remember I have read books and written all sorts of things. I want to further pursue a Master in English literature.