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“A banana at breakfast is a nutritious way to start your day. It helps in building your body muscles while maintaining an appropriate glycogen level.” – Once Pitchai had heard this from his dietician and since then he started liking bananas a lot. He is madly into the art of building his body; already at 6-pack, perhaps planning for an 8-pack in near future. In college, he had a short-lived affair with one of his classmates who dumped him due to caste problems. Since then he is single and longing to mingle; in due course earned his pet name ‘South-ka-Sallu-Miyan’ which got immensely popular among his friend circle.

Completing his studies, Pitchai joined one of the multinationals in Chennai. There too he could not curtail his passion for bodybuilding. He skipped his meetings if needed, but never compromised on his gym schedule. Soon he started growing feelings for a fresher named Jyothika. Luckily she was also from the same college which paved the way to their first conversation. Going forward he used their alumni connection as the frontline reason to enter into a chitchat. Shortly those casual gossips led to a sweet mutual crush. His colleagues missed no opportunity and pulled his legs whenever they found Jyothika around.

Pitchai lived in a PG where Tamay was one of his roommates. Otherwise a meek character, Tamay cannot sit back silently if he smells any spicy stints around him. Moment he sensed his lust for Jyothika, Tamay kept madly looking for a break. And he got a lucrative chance soon.

One day Pitchai invited his friends including Tamay at a weekend snacks party where his sole intention was to introduce Jyothika to his friend circle. Pitchai had requested few of her friends as well to join to keep the atmosphere conducive for her. They planned to meet at the Ibaco ice-cream joint in Skywalk Mall. He reached with his friends much early than the agreed time. Neatly dressed in ethnic attire, he kept impatiently looking at his watch thousand times. “Hey they are here…” Pitchai almost screamed in excitement as he saw the girls entering the mall. Tamay was just waiting for this moment. Readers who know Tamay from his earlier days will find shadows of Mamu in Pitchai and know what was waiting for him in a while.

Tamay insisted Pitchai to walk forward and greet the girls first as he was the only person in the male group to know them. After a brief ‘Hi-Hello’, Pitchai turned back in a carefree gesture to introduce the misses and he said, “Hi friends, meet my colleagues here. From left – Anuradha, Piyali, Ruhi, Bony and our very own Jo aka Jyothika” (embracing her as if it happened in a careless stint). With a wicked smile on his lips, Tamay promptly responded, “Nice meeting you Jo. So you are the one who erects our VIP Kela (intentionally pausing for a while) …for gym?” Everyone looked at Tamay with a curiosity mixed confused look. He broke the ice in his usual note, leaving the entire audience into maddening laughter; “Wha-at?? Why are you all staring at me? I just our shortened Pitchai’s name – Venkateshwara Irudapally Pitchai Kela – aka VIP Kela.”

That was perhaps Pitchai’s most embarrassing moment in life. He knew the Hindi meaning of his surname but could never imagine it would be tweaked in such a crooked meaning by Tamay, that too in front of so many young women and most importantly his fizzing love interest Jyothika.


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