Trepidation… Everywhere

Feature Poem submitted by Tania Banerjee

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Author’s Note: This is a poem on the perception that fragments of society attach with women who are considered “bold”, but who is just another girl and has the right to be a free bird. As they say, violate the bold, destroy her confidence, and silence her to death. She deserved all but this.

She walked out, elegant.
Pretty in her black pumps, gorgeous in her smoky eyes.
She is a woman of today, of smartness, of confidence, of attitude.
She dances with grace, she enjoys to the fullest.

She knows, she is a woman of today,
An age where she is no less than men.
But an era becoming day by day, more profane.

She clicks selfies; she snaps photos with her friends,
She drinks, but sensibly. She hangs out, but carefully.
She is a controlled young lady,
Stable in the head; fun at heart.

However, society today has priced possessions who do not value a girl;
Do not respect her gender; do not worship her womanhood.
She is thrown on her way back on the road,
Her fishnet stockings tattered, her white dress in pieces,
Badly invaded, utterly bruised.
Her red mouth smudged, ignoring her resistance.
Tears melting her kohl down, for her unanswered protests.
She has become a victim.
A victim of brutal forceful activity.

A society that yesterday valued her prestige,
Calls her damaged today.
She loses her confidence, in herself, in the people around her.
She vividly remembers the night, gasps in sleep,
She fears every single touch. She goes into hysterics.
Even tears have dried up now in vain.
Little does the society help.
Very little.

A girl who was as bright as the streaming rays of sunshine,
Brimming with positivity in all her spheres
Knowing how to keep herself happy,
Knowing how to make others happy too
Today utters not a word,
Smiles without life,
And never laughs.

She deserved all but this.

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About Tania Banerjee (1 Articles)
Tania is an architect and urban planner and works with a management consulting MNC in Kolkata, India. She has a deep interest in reading and writing poetry, and she had been a winning contributor to a global poetry competition which was published in the book "One Hundred Poems for Peace". She loves sketching and listening to music, and singing is one of her biggest hobbies.