The Enemy Within

Poem submitted by Anit Mukherjee

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Trust I sought, but couldn’t find it inside me,
So I travelled through space and time in search of thee,
Hoping that someday I might find the inspiration in you,
To discover the trust of which I had no clue.

So, I voyaged my ship into the ocean deep,
Thought one day I can make promises that I can keep,
Tried to dig deep into the premises of your mind,
But unfortunate was I, neither were you so kind.

So I cut myself to relieve me form the other pains,
But now I don’t remember what I thought might be the gains,
The bleeding in my veins could never surpass the bleeding of my conscience,
More baffled was I not to be able to relate this philosophy with the science.

But, everything has a silver lining, the wise men say,
Don’t remember when I saw the rainbow amidst a rainy day,
May be the greatest truth of life lies in the words someone I heard promise,
The greatest revolution is one that happens silently without any notice.

Learned to steady my ship without a single other sailor,
May be some unuttered words kept me from eventual failure,
I think I learnt the greatest revolt is never against someone I hadn’t met,
But with the image with which every night I have slept.

May be it was evolution of my sub-conscious,
Or may be mutation of my conscious,
Whatever might be the case, now I know the biggest disgrace
Is not facing the enemy within, not meeting him face to face.

‘Cause the biggest threat is no external enemy,
To defeat whom I might need an additional army,
But to win over the constant shadows playing in mind,
The only weapon is me and it truly is one of a kind.

©2015, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Copyright Claim

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