The Dandelions’ Glee

Feature Poem submitted by Moorchana Saikia

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Here comes springtime, the dandelions bloom,
I watch o’er the yellow weeds from my room.
The little flowers dance randomly in the gentle wind
The little children watch over them in great keen.
Next morning, you are white fluffy balls,
Here comes the gentle wind and calls.
Oh! Here the wild flowers refuse to go!
The little children come again
Holds the flowers and set their wishes,
And blows them away.

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About Moorchana Saikia (1 Articles)
Moorchana Saikia was born in 22 July, 2005 in Jorhat, Assam, India. She started writing poems from a very early age and showed great interest in drawing. She was encouraged in writing poems when her poem ,' The Dandelions' Glee ' was published in a newspaper. Moorchana's father name is Dr. Sarat Saikia and her mother name is Mrs. Junali Saikia. She has an elder sister named Dikshita. Moorchana studies in Suderashan Public School in VII standard. Her hobbies are drawing, writing poems , reading books, and she likes singing songs.