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In a world where relationships make or break the deal for a lifetime, it is imperative to be able to have equations that are reliable, compatible and accessible. Luckily enough, sometimes it doesn’t take too much effort to find the right set of people, perhaps because nature has its own way of providing them. From childhood to adulthood, siblings share their environment, principles and interests and are naturally quite compatible. Gone are the days when siblings only gave the best ‘what car to buy’ advice or approved the guy you were dating. Today, brothers and sisters are travelling together, taking up hobbies together and to add to the latest trend, building enterprises together. Varying from tech start-ups to trendy fashion wear, from utility applications to artsy expressions, siblings seem to be partnering up with each other to break away from conventional career choices. Super Siblings encapsulates the journeys of twenty siblings who have broken away from conventions and supported each other to start-up their dream ventures.

Title and Cover: After ‘Super Women’ and ‘Super Couples’, Parchi Garg is out with her third book of the same series, ‘Super Siblings.’ The achievements of these siblings stand apart not just for their concept, innovation and business strategies but for their true cognizance of human relationship. That is why they are SUPER!!

The cover is very thoughtfully designed, simple but impressive.

Editor’s Review

‘Super Siblings’ is an inspiring tale of twenty sibling entrepreneurs who have rendered a new sense to the term kinship. In the world, where we are more accustomed to sibling rivalry, jealousy and feud within the families, these siblings have proved that you have far more to gain with compassion and love than jealousy and hatred. From fighting for an ice-cream as children and getting scolded for it to recognizing each other strength and potential as an adult and building a dream on it is not as easy as flying a kite of childhood. A lot depends on your other half, and in this case, it’s not your better half but your other half in the literal sense. We have seen a lot of great family businesses split up just for sibling rivalries and here we are speaking of siblings’ startups!

To grow a business is no joke. Apart from the physical and mental efforts it demands, there are a lot of decisions to be made, strategies to plan and execute. So, you really got to know the strength and weaknesses of each other and use your resources accordingly to sustain in the first place. The book is actually a bird’s eye-view of that. If one sibling is good at planning, the other is good at management, or if one is a creative nerd and out of the world, the other is pragmatic and knows the perfect way to use the nerd’s idea to convert it into a profitable business. It’s just like the process of osmosis, the ideas flow into each other through inter-dependency and reliance and are finally converted into a wonderful solvent by these bunch of Super Siblings. Super!!

As I read the book, I found each story to be different, yet similar in many ways. The fascinating facts about the book- it’s youth and drive, it’s hard work and research, it’s business and strategies, and the best of it, it’s breaking the conventions and setting new trends. With determination and skills, the siblings have braved to do something out of the box and achieved all odds through their rigorous hard work and compassion.  To make the review a little personal, I really liked the second set of sibling entrepreneurs, Zainali and Azra, maybe because somewhere in their ‘Strokes of Dreams’ I found my stroke of dreams. Being a creative nerd myself, I too digested the same set of words by ‘them’. A misfit in the logical world, your illogical dream is seen as next to only lunacy and the moment you solemnly declare that you have chosen to pursue your dream as your career, you see ‘them’ getting this sudden fit of hysteria, as if, you just declared that you’ve chosen to commit suicide! Of course, it is nothing better than a career suicide for ‘them’ and then you meet their stern gaze until the day you prove your worth! And then you meet the awed eyes with their mouth shut!

Finally, if there is one thing you are really going to get from reading this book is how to manage human relationships and grow on that strength. The author doesn’t provide us with mere case-studies about the siblings’ businesses but the human angle of the business. I would say it is rather a case-study on managing human relations more than a business and these set of 20 siblings sets a beautiful paradigm by changing the parameters of the professional world where were words like ‘success’, ‘growth’ and ‘achievement’ is measured in terms of die-hard competition. And here we see real successes thriving on compassion and inter-dependency and through true bonds of kinship.

Overall, I will rate Prachi Garg’s Super Siblings 4.6/5.

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