Rhapsody of Reflections by Dr. Jyotirmaya Thakur (A Review)

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Dr. Joytirmaya Takur

About the Author: Author of eight books, Dr. Jyotirmaya Thakur is the first Indian born poetess from the UK to be published by Real Vision Aspirant Writers poetry forum by Collins W. Hills Publication, UK. Endowed with the wonderful power to put her thoughts in the alluring language of poetry, she has given modern poetry once again a new symmetry with her verses. A versatile author and a poet, she is a retired Vice-Principal of an International School in India. She is an active member of more than 300 poetry forum and also a member of the jury in poetry competitions in seven poetic forums and presides as a judge in English co-curricular activities in schools, colleges, and clubs. She has published articles, short stories and poems in English and Hindi magazines and international anthologies and in websites like the Atunis of Belgium, Narrative Prose Poetry Arcs & Tajeed Magazine of Iraq by Anwar Ghani, Our Poetry Archive of Italy. Miscellaneous poems have been published in Albania, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Dubai, Germany, India, Iraq, Italy, Philippines, Romania, UK, USA.

She is the author of six poetry books – “Reality Of Rhythms “, “Love & Romance”, “Reality Within”, “Reflections On Nature”, “Symphony Of Peace”, and “Rhapsody Of Reflections.” Dr. Takur holds certificates for best poetic contributions and excellence in performance from various poetic forum earning her 10 emerald medals, 55 platinum medals, 10 gold medals, 55 designations for icon of artistry of literature and 7 times title of Guardian of the Universe, 10 times Queen of Universe and the title of ‘WORDSWORTH of nature’ from Nature Poetry. A widely travelled person, she loves the diverse culture and people around the world. She is a coach and counsellor of tribal, rural impoverished children in India and attached to an organization of epileptic children. At present, she resides in Kent, UK with her family.

About The Book: Dr. Jyotirmaya Thakur’s ‘Rhapsody of Reflections’ is a well-cut literary diamond, whose many facets sparkle brilliantly with intelligence, insight, honesty, and humor. This poetic treasure is a testament to not only her considerable prowess as a writer but also a fluidity of style and narrative that makes each poem a unique gem of outstanding beauty.

Cover and Title: ‘Rhapsody of Reflections’ is a book that celebrates life. The book begins with the very line,

“The world around you is a reflection

A mirror showing the person you are

Nature around you is God’s creation

If you search beauty inside, it’s not far…”

–    Resplendent Reflections (Poem 1)

I don’t think there are any better words that can justify the title more than the starting lines of the first poem of the book. It is a book that reflects life, nature, love, emotions and the whole gamut of feelings in such a rhythmical expression that it sounds more like a music to the ears.

The cover shows a tree in full bloom reflecting impeccably on the water beneath. The image itself symbolically represents life and nature. However, the same cover could have looked much brighter and vibrant but for its poor pixel quality.

Editorial Review: A writer with a deep literary insight, Dr. Joytirmaya Takur’s ‘Rhapsody of Reflection’ is a wonderful painting of words. Maintaining a perfect balance of prosody, lexical, structure, and rhyming scheme, these are one of the most rhapsodic poems I have read in this decade. It is said that people read poetry for its aesthetic beauty, to derive pleasure from the sheer joy of reading it. However, from the last half of 20th century, the modern literary trends have seen a loss of this aesthetic beauty owing to the breakdown of structure, prosody, and rhythm to resemble the fragmented structure of the modern society. 21st-century poetry got more and more de-structured and abstract. Whenever I read any new poetry book, this is the mood I read with, not to find aesthetic pleasure but to feel the deconstruction of modern living.

Thus, ‘Rhapsody of Reflection’ came quite as a surprise to me. The very first point that made me appreciate this book is its foreword. I don’t remember reading such a well-written and critical foreword for any book in recent time. The second point is the prosody and the rhyming scheme. Each poem is like a symphony to the ears, filled with wonderful imagery and positive energy, it refreshes your mood painting a rainbow of emotions – bright and colourful. The writing style is vibrant and picaresque, where the poetess as a keen observer of human life and nature draws her analogies on different subjects and characters. The pensiveness to today’s life is well reflected in the verses, but what every soul need is a drop of water in the drought – “A gift of hope before it crumbles/ In a world of discoloured yesterday/ The sense of wonder is you” – (Today’s Masterpiece). What better words to rejuvenate your soul and fill it with positive vibes. In today’s generation, where hundreds of motivational books fill the book racks and online portals as a trend in the promise of better tomorrow or to change your future completely after one reading, I personally feel Dr. Takur’s verses are far more motivational than any positivity books I have read so far.

These are poems of life and nature and an appreciation of man’s relation with it. In some poem, the author acts as the omniscient narrator, and in some other, she herself acts as the subject or first-person narrator “I”, becoming one and the same with nature representing the dialectic analogy of the world around her. A well-read in literature, art, history, and philosophy, she blends facts and fiction in a beautiful semblance, balancing vivid imageries, folklore, cultures, people, religion, history, philosophy, myth, world events, contemporary lifestyle, and feminism perfectly within a single frame. There is a striking dichotomy in her verses – sometimes it deflects to the world of fantasy and myth, then again there is reality and reason, there is crushed love and hope anew, there is sheer innocence and adult entanglement, there is a joy of nature and also its menace. The verses are terse, rhythmic and laden with emotions. In fact, emotions act as an icing on the cake in her poetry. Can you possibly ask for something sweeter than this? I don’t think so. In the end, what I appreciated most in Dr. Takur’s poems is HOPE. In this world, where so many things happen in a single moment, where each living being is living for the self, where at the same time, one soul suffers and another rejoices, where the dichotomies of nature are endless, it is only HOPE that keeps us moving forward. And this is the key element of ‘Rhapsody of Reflection’, a keen reflection of life and a hopeful ecstasy at the end.

Rating: As a complete book nerd, poet, author, and editor, I would rate ‘Rhapsody of Reflection’ 4.9/5. Why 4.9 after appreciating it so much? No, not for the book but for the cover design. I would love to see the second edition of this book with a much better cover design with better pixel quality and graphics. As for the book, it deserves nothing less than 5/5.

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