Reetwika Banerjee’s Journey From Fantastic 40 To A Short Film Writer

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Short Films and Web Series are now buzzing the Indian Film Industry like a drumroll. A recent study by a leading Bengali newspaper says short films and web series will be hitting the industry with a big bang soon, opening the market for short story writers. Even popular feature film Directors are also looking for gripping original plots which can be easily converted into short movies.

“The most promising advantages of a short film are internet screening convenience, flexible viewership, crisp duration and pocket-friendly production budget. In a fast-moving world, it’s not always possible for our audience to rush to the cinemas on particular release dates or wait for the films to come on television way later. Short Movies will exactly fill this gap in market demand.” – says published author turned short film writer Reetwika Banerjee in a recent candid talk with SmartReads.

Reetwika has been writing Micro Stories since 2005, publishing her first collection of forty Micro Stories “Fantastic 40” in 2014 under the banner of All About Books Global. The book received a very warm response at the 2015 Kolkata International Book Fair due to its innovative literary concept. Reetwika first coined the term ‘Micro Story’ in her debut book ‘Fantastic 40’ for stories which are typically less than 500 words and can be easily extracted over a single reading. The second edition was later republished by Purushottam Publishers (Kolkata) in 2016.

One of her most popular Micro Stories named “One Rainy Day” featuring in the same book has been recently filmed into a sensational short movie ‘ADHURA’ by Euphoria Films Production (Mumbai) and was released on 26th September, 2017, on the auspicious eve of Mahasasthi  The movie is filmed at the backdrop of Durga Puja featuring an incomplete love story of a young heart tuned with the Sharodiya festivities.

“A short film has bountiful returns for everyone related to a film. In this smartphone era, anyone anywhere anytime can watch short movies of his or her choice just at the click of the fingertip. For the Directors, they can lock their creativities at a pocket-friendly budget, distributing mostly at nominal expenses across far-reaching borders. So, that brings down their tough hustles to hunt for big brand producers too. Just imagine the tremendous reach of the art!”

Reetwika’s another micro-story, ‘Met Him By Chance’ from the same book ‘Fanstatic 40’ is in the post-production process. This short film is re-named ‘Ittefaq Se’ and is scheduled for a Christmas release. SmartReads wishes Reetwika and the crew best wishes for the success of ‘ADHURA’ and her upcoming films. Looking forward to watching many more of her stories in the coming years.

You can now enjoy the story in its movie adaptation, which is a short film in Bengali titled, ‘Adhura’ by Euphoria Films, direction and screenplay by Abhijit Sinha.

The film has achieved an Official Selection at the 12th season of Calcutta International Cult Film Festival (CICFF) which is a member of the Film Society of Lincoln Center, New York. CICFF screening will be held in the city of joy, Kolkata on 5-6th Dec 2017 and the short film will also be screened at the prestigious theatre ‘Indira Cinema’ by November end. Adhura found a place in the top 15 list competing with short films from Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Spain and many more countries.


A Brief Synopsis of the movie ‘Adura’:

The protagonist Sudipto (enacted by Praveen Srivastava) stays with his father Sujoy (enacted by Ajoy Chakraborty) in a middle-class apartment, sharing a sweet and sour relationship.

Sudipto meets Mira (enacted by Amita Bharat) for the first time on the main road when the city is preparing for Durga Puja. He falls in love with her at the very first sight. The girl also smiles back, but then a black car comes and she goes off. This keeps repeating for over a week.

On the other hand, Bunny (enacted by Dhruv Jha) is a family friend of Mira who too has a crush on her but when he comes to know about his best friend Sudipto’s love interest on Mira, Bunny sacrifices his feelings. Meantime the trio meets at a festive gathering where Sudipto bumps onto Mira.

On the day of Dussehra, Sudipto finally decides to propose her but when the same black car picks her up again, Sudipto desperately chases the car with Bunny’s help and finally discovers the hardest truth of his life. He finds his father and Mira in an utterly cozy stance inside the black car.

Sudipto crashes down in despair. He does not know which was a bigger loss for him – Father or Mira.


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