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I was travelling to my birth town Cuttack after seventeen years. It was raining cats and dogs ever since I crossed Balasore. God knows what happened to me. Looking at the rain, I hurried to get myself wet in the rains. People around me must have found it too childish and appalling at the same time, criticising me in their own ways. Even when I think of it today it seems so immature. But was it really so? Why do we tend to be so serious when we are actually not from within? Can you deny, given a chance, you would still love to dance madly in the rains even today?

It’s been long time now…those tedious study hours, school life freaks, class teacher’s roll call, young fantasies, colourful thoughts, dreamy nights in mother’s shelter – all seem buried today in the depths of time. Youth was so gorgeous with so many inconsiderate acts and thoughts – full of life in it. I hardly had a penny in pocket those days to finance any of my passions. Still I could manage to live my life at the fullest! But today with lakhs in account, I find barely any time for me. Responsibilities, duty, accountability – all such words and expectations have taken over my life over the years – likely comparable to an annual balance sheet, with lost balance of life.

I wonder how come people find so much interest in caring for the society! You being an important part of it, keep ignoring your life to build a social circle around you. Does it ever get complete without you? I bet, you will even hardly find a moment to give this a thought too. That’s what we call a ‘perfect’ life – the one decided by your society, without you.

Life is very much like a cup of hot coffee. As long as you feel the heat, it’s highly cared of. The moment it starts losing that heat, you give no value to it. Life is a very short journey. Enjoy it before it gets cold. Do not keep waiting for someone to make it hot again.

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