Oh! Mamma…

- Snigdha Jain

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Oh! Mamma, ma or mummy,
Are the first words I ever spoke.
The first bond I ever felt.
You were the first one to hug me,
You were the first one to slap me,
Taught me who I was,
Made me realise, that I am your little princess.

Your arms were the first shelter I ever knew,
Protecting me from every harm,
That the world threw.
On your lap, I have dreamt and slept,
Your pat on my back,
Your voice in the night,
Made all the nightmares go away.

In all your bedtime stories, I was the star
Believing that nothing would make me scared.
Behind all your scolding,
You hid all your teachings,
Whose importance I would learn one day,
When they all will come in handy.

Every tear I drop,
Makes your heart cringe.
Every wound that I get,
Makes your heart bleed.

My first step to my first day of school,
My first exam and my first recital,
You held my hand all the way through,
Telling me how proud you were of me.

Whether I fell or I touched the sky,
Your love never flickered.
Your smile erased all the pain,
And I wish it could be like that again,
Cause world’s a scary place
And I’m afraid to walk alone,
On my own.

I want you to hold me like you used to,
I want you to tell me everything will be alright,
I wish I could be your little princess once more.
Cause the world’s unfair.

I’m not afraid to fail if I can hear you say,
Try again once more.
Now that I’m all grown up,
Who’ll save me from all the bad things?
Who’ll keep me from going down the wrong lane?

I know how I have hurt you once,
I know how annoyed I was of your words,
Never wanting you to interfere,
Never wanting your advice.

Now, I just wish I could turn back the clock
And start again.
Everything will be alright this time,
Make me your little princess once again.

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I am a 20-year-old graduate who has a hobby of writing and one day would want to make it a full-time professional career out of it. I am from Bikaner, Rajasthan. Literature and writing are two things that inspire me beyond imagination. I am transfixed by the power that a paper and ink can hold over us, to all the places within and outside us they can make us visit. I hope and dream of one-day inspiring people for improvement and motivate them to seize the day like it has helped me to always follow my dreams. For as long as I can remember I have read books and written all sorts of things. I want to further pursue a Master in English literature.