Need of Proper Nutrition: Why Eating Right Is Eating Wise!

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Healthy and proper nutrition is necessary to lead a good and active life. Burgers, pizza, donuts and other fast foods is of course a treat to our tongue but to let your stomach live upon it every day is like a self-inflicted injury!

Our body is a very complex machine and food is its fuel. To provide the body with its right fuel every day is the basic requirement of all age groups. Having a balanced and nutritious diet coupled with little exercise can keep us fit and active in our regular life for a long time.

The best way to supply the required nutrition to your body regularly is to make a diet chart that will include different types of nutrients and minerals in small portion. Your diet chart should be prepared and maintained according to your age and medical condition. For example, babies, pregnant women and old age people should strictly follow a diet chart given by their doctor or dietician. Kids of growing age group should have a calcium enriched diet for proper growth of bones and stamina. Body builders follow an altogether different diet which is protein rich.

According to a recent survey, it has been analyzed that it is mostly youngsters and middle age office goers trapped in their busy schedule that tend to depend more on street foods, eating outside and having insufficient diet. It is also this age group that is more a prey to consumption of alcohol and smoking. While this lifestyle is fascinating this is also the unhealthiest lifestyle that one leads. Such lifestyle corrodes the mechanism of our body like an acid and triggers fatal diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, acid reflux, kidney ailments, menstrual problems in women, and also cancer in an early age. For youngsters, it is the main cause of obesity which is now a global issue. What we don’t know is that most of the ailments that we suffer in our old age are mainly a ramification of our early lifestyle and diet. Thus a proper and well balanced diet coupled with little amount of physical exercise will not only help us maintain the body weight but can also free us from many diseases of the old age.

Benefits of having Proper Diet:

Benefits of having proper diet are less weight gain, boost of immune system, improve physical health and stamina, improve mental health and concentration, delay the effects of aging, delay age related diseases.

SO What Should You Eat:

Eating Right is Eating Wise!!

Here is a general diet chart for all age group to follow. The diet chart includes all general requirements for a healthy body. But remember, each body is different. Thus, your requirements may differ as per your medical condition and age. So if you still cannot achieve proper weight and health after following the diet chart, it is advisable to consult your doctor or dietician.

# Cut the FAT!     
Cutting down the fat is not just a modern mantra, it is also the key to remain healthy and active for a long time. When we gain weight we feel more lethargic. It is because of the deposit of fat in our adipose tissue or fat cells. Also certain fats like saturated fats triggers heart diseases. Thus, it is important to keep low on fat. Restrict yourself from fried foods, oils, butter, cream, meat and sausages, and desserts especially made of cream and sucrose.

However, fat is also the substance that provides us with energy. Our body need certain fats, such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats for the absorption of certain fat-soluble vitamins like A,D,E and K. Foods like avocado or butter pears, nuts, olive oil, eggs and fish fat are enriched with such fats. So while cutting down fats from our diet we should keep mind which one cut.

# High in FIBER!
Fiber is that essential nutrient on your diet plate that mostly remains undigested but helps in the process of digestion. It fills your stomach and thus helps you maintain your body weight. Fibre is also necessary for the proper functioning of digestive system, to control cholesterol and blood sugar, prevent colon cancer, gallstones and hemorrhoids.

So include lots of fiber rich food like oatmeal, brown bread, barley, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, kidney beans, dark leafy vegetables, broccoli, lettuce, cucumber, apples, oranges and berries to your daily supplement.

On the other hand, remember that too much of fiber can obstruct bowel movements and cause diarrhea and sometimes dehydration. So it is necessary to supply the stomach little starch and carbohydrate to ease the process of digestion.

# A Little Carb!!
Starchy carbohydrates play an important role in your diet. They are the source of energy and provide you with the required amount of calorie necessary for any kind of activity. They do sit as fat but only when we don’t burn the calorie with little amount of physical exercise. Further, starch is necessary not just to derive energy but also as a good source of many important nutrients and vitamins in our body like iron, calcium and vitamin B.

Starchy food like potatoes, bread, rice pasta and other cereal products should cover one-third portion of your plate.

The Essential Vitamins and Minerals:

All types of vegetables and fruits are rich source of the essential vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidant that our body needs. Anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals boost our immune system and regulate metabolic function. . It also helps in repair and growth of cells and tissues. Especially, the phytochemical property of anti-oxidants helps to destroy the free radicals in our body that otherwise cause damage to our DNA, membrane and cell.

Try to add to your plate different varieties of fruits and vegetables everyday so that your body gets the supply of all different types of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

# Be Moderate on Sugar and Sweet:
Sugar just not add taste to our food, it is also supplies us with energy and calorie. Many athletes take lemon and sugar for instant energy. It is also good for kids and growing children as they need lots of energy to stay active. But as we age too much of sugar in diet not only adds the extra kilos but invites diabetic at an early age. Thus it is advisable to cut down sweets and sugar products, how much tasty they may be, from our daily diet chart.

Salt is another important substance in our food. Without it our food tastes bland! Salt also supplies to our body an important electrolyte, sodium. Sodium regulates our blood pressure and keeps our brain function healthy. However, too much salt in food increases sodium level that causes high blood pressure. So it is better to moderate our salt intake and cut down especially the commercial fast food that are high on salt and let our heart be healthy for a long time.

# Drinking Water:
Water is the most necessary element that out our body needs to wash away the toxins and other unnecessary products. It also keeps the body hydrated and kidney function healthy. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. And remember any aerated drinks, coffee or alcohol do not substitute for water.

When to Eat and How- The Food Pyramid:
the food pyramid

# Take time to eat. What we don’t know is most of the diseases that we suffer from is our own creation. It is the slow outcome of our daily lifestyle and food habits. Especially, today’s youngsters deals with the problem of putting on weight. But weight gain is again a slow outcome of unhealthy life style and food habits. A simple solution to counter weight gain is to prepare a simple diet chart.

# Breakfast: Your breakfast starts your day. You need most calories in the morning when you are working. So don’t skip breakfast. In fact, your breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day. Try to include in your breakfast the necessary carbohydrate that will supply you with the required energy and you will also burn them down while working. Also drink a glass of milk or fruit juice in your breakfast every day to supply your body with nutrients and minerals.

# Lunch: Keep the lunch light. We take lunch during the afternoon.  It is also the idle period of the day when we start feeling a little clumsy. So, it is natural that we will not burn all the calories that we eat. Thus, if we eat heavy at lunch we are bound to gain weight. So make you lunch calorie free. Have a fibre rich lunch and stay fit!

# Dinner:Keep the dinner the lightest meal of the day. As our activities reduce after dinner, the food we eat will not burn out completely and deposit as fat. Enjoy a simple dinner consisting of soups, lentils and little amount of fibre.

# In Between Meals: If you are a person with a habit of munching something now and then, then try to grab something healthy and light. It is not a sin to have a pizza or burger or chips other tasty food occasionally but don’t make it an everyday habit.

Remember, Life is Yours! So Eat Right and Live Wise!!



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