Laugh- The Animal Way

Funny Animal Jokes

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A passerby sees a crying man and asks: ‘Why are you crying?’     
The crying man: ‘cuz’ the elephant is dead.’ 
The passer by: ‘Oh! I’m so sorry. Was he your pet?’
The crying man: ‘No, I’m the one who is supposed to dig his grave!’


Two dog owners arguing over whose dog is the cleverest:

doganimatedThe first owner: ‘My dog is the cleverest dog in the world! Every morning he sits for the paper boy to come, tips him and then bring the newspaper to me along with my coffee mug.’ 
The second owner: ‘Oh! I already know about that. What more!’
 The first owner: ‘How?’
  The second owner: ‘Why! My dog told me!!’


Two cows were discussing about a new cow disease that makes them mad.
1st cow: ‘Are you worried about this ‘mad cow disease’?’
2nd cow: ‘Of course not! Why should I? I’m a goat.’
A snake crawls into a bar and asks for a drink:
The bartender says: ‘Sorry, buddy! But no drinks for you.’
The snake: ‘Why not?’
The bartender: ‘Because you can’t hold your liquor.’


frog jokeA frog went to a psychic and asked her: ‘When will I meet the
most beautiful girl in my life?’
The psychic replied: ‘Next week.’
The frog said: ‘Wow! Will she kiss me and turn me into Price Charming!’
The psychic replied: ‘No. You will meet her in the biology
dissection class.’


A farmer was grazing his sheep in the mountain along with his watchdog.funnydog
Before returning he asks the dog to count them. The dog runs around
the field and then comes back and replies: ‘30 sheep’.
The farmer gets little confused and asks: ‘how can this be? I brought 32 to graze.’
Well’, replies the dog, ‘I rounded them up.’


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