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The phone rang…
Unanswered, unnoticed,
The call got disconnected.
She dialed his number, again…
Once again, twice, thrice,

Again and again she dialed and dialed.
The phone rang…
Still unanswered, unnoticed,
But each time it got disconnected.

Time passed…

Then one day, suddenly…
She got a call, it was him.
She picked it though
Only to say, ‘Goodbye’.

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About Poulomi Sengupta (1 Articles)
I am Professional Content writer working at Kolkata. I did my masters in English from Rabidrabharati University. I started writing poems in 2004, when I was in tenth standard. I am passionate about writing poems. I am very fond of travelling as well and after every tour I write a travelogue related to my tour.