Fear of Falling in Love

Shades Of Love - Poem Submitted by Partho Mandal

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“What is Love? Everybody has different answers to it. For me it’s an emotion. My first poem is about the emotion ‘Fear of Falling in Love'”.

My Heart asked
What you fear?
I said,
I fear not the night,
            But the emptiness it brings.
I fear not the hate,
            But the distance it creates.
I fear not the love,
            But the broken pieces of it to mend.
I fear not the pain,
            But the cause of it.
I fear not the dream,
            But the agony of not fulfilling it.
I fear not the sadness,
            But the silence it brings.
I fear not the separation,
            But the void it brings.
I fear of not of losing you,
But drifting away from you…


(This is the first poem of the set of three poems titled, “Shades of Love” written by Partho Mandal.)

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