Emociones Infinitas By Meena Mishra (A Review)

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About the Author: Meena Mishra is an award-winning author, poet, short-story writer, social worker, editor and an educator. Her poems, stories, and book reviews have been published in international journals and magazines. She is a recipient of several prestigious awards viz poetry writing, story writing, essay writing, elocution, debate, singing, best magazine, best class teacher, best speaker and many more. She has also received the Principal’s Award and Agnitia, for outstanding contribution in the field of education. She has written a novel “No, I Don’t Love You” for creating awareness amongst the youth against online chatting. She has conducted various workshops on poetry appreciation for students as well as adults. She is an active member of Mumbai English Educators’ Team and was invited by the Education Department of Maharashtra to be a part of The Review Committee for the new English textbook. She is invited as a judge for various literary competitions. Her poems are also published in the prestigious magazine “Woman’s Era.” She has been a contributing author and poet for more than a dozen anthologies. She is an International Coordinator and leads the British Council activities in her school. She is a dedicated teacher, teaching English, at Dr. S. Radhakrishnan International School (Malad), Mumbai. Recently her autobiographical book, “The Impish Lass” and another book, “Oops!” (A collection of short stories edited by her) has been nominated for National Honour Book Award. Her contribution to the field of education and writing has received acclamation by the esteemed newspapers – Times of India and Mid-Day.

About the Book

Description: Right from early childhood till the time we die we go through various arousal and appraisal of situations that affect our mood and personality known as emotions. Human life is nothing but a collection of various emotions.
We feel ecstatic and we feel sad.
We feel fearful and we feel mad…
We feel horrified and we feel agonized
We get back to normalcy sometimes surprised.

Cover and Title: To begin with, I simply loved the way the author has played with the title of the book, ‘Emociones Infinitas’. The use of the Spanish spelling instead of English renders the title an interesting twist and spares it from its methodical dullness. Poetry is nothing but a powerful outpour of strong emotions – emotions that flow directly from the very heart of the poet to the pages of a book and thus the title perfectly fits the context.
The cover has been very aesthetically and creatively designed by Makrand Rane and just like the title, the cover picture shows the vibrancy of infinite emotions of a woman.

Editor’s Review: Is it possible to write verses out of everyday life? Isn’t poetry a way to escape from the mundaneness of reality to some unreal ecstasy? Well poetry, more often than not is an outpour of poet’s experiences of life, of emotions, and thus it is not entirely an escape from reality or emotions but a way to define it. In the words of Wordsworth, “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.” This is the first impression I got as I read Meena Mishra’s book of poems, “Emociones Infinitas’. There are fifty-four poems in total, each a different experience of author’s different moods, some personal and some related to the contemporary themes, some inspirational or aphoristic. As humans, we are bestowed with the wonderful gift called ‘feelings’. Each of us can feel and undergoes a wide variety of strong emotions ranging from ecstasy to despondency but only a handful of us are gifted with the power to ink them permanently in words. That is the beauty of a poet, the ability to put feelings in verses and make it universal and timeless.

To put in simple words, “Emociones Infinitas” as the title suggest, is a bundle of emotions. It not just concerns with the poet’s personal emotions but emotions wrought out of people from all walks of life and put in the form of beautiful small poems. The poems are written in a free-verse style and the flow is succinct. The poet has made a good use of wit, humor, pun, hyperbole, and rhyming among other poetic devices to pen her thoughts. Few of the poems are full of humor and written in a quite simple way that makes the reading all more amusing and occasionally funny. I actually laughed aloud while reading the poem, “Granny Gone Astray in Woods”, “The Impish Lass Lost in Three” (Well, I loved the humor in it even when I read it the first time in the poet’s debut autobiographical book, “The Impish Lass”). There are also poems that describe strong emotions related to real life and stir our heart inside out. As I said, the book presents a wide range of emotions, from optimism and ecstasy to loneliness and despondency, from childhood carefreeness to the apprehension and chaos of the adult world. There are also a few lovely odes addressed to the beloved ones of the poet. The book not only looks quite vibrant and colorful with all the pictures from outside but the same vibrancy and color are present in the verses as well.

The great poets of all ages have given more than just words and shapes to their great poems. They are not just a personal account of a poet’s feelings but also a reflection of its age, culture, beliefs, and people. It is a subtle criticism of the society we live in and the few words tell more than history. And that is why even with the modern trends of technology and cell phones, poetry survives because feelings cannot die. Although it’s a bitter truth that with the turn of this century, the appeal of a book is almost lost, especially poetry but thoughts cannot die. Even writers, following the trend, prefers to write fiction because of its sales. But the truth is, poetry is the first and true form of literature and true literary lover always derives the greatest aesthetic pleasure from reading true literature. Nevertheless, the appeal might fade but never die. Meena’s “Emociones Infinitas” is yet another proof of that. A poet writes for his or her own pleasure and not for anyone. It is an urge and not a compulsion. As Keats said, “If poetry comes not as naturally as the leaves to a tree it had better not come at all.”

As an author, poet, and editor myself, reading a good collection of poems after a long time was a good break for me. Overall, I would rate Meena’s “Emociones Infinitas” 4.8/5.

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