Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark by Ruskin Bond

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In the world of Children’s Literature, Ruskin Bond is one name whose simplicity of prose and ingenuity of imagination can fascinate the mind of any child reader. To begin with, his stories are as simple as the mind that reads it, his imagery sketching a vivid and colorful canvas as you turn the pages, his descriptions more like a picture in the storybook that at no point gets dull and similar. The beauty of reading Bond is that one doesn’t have to struggle at every line with its vocabulary and as the reading is quite unhindered one can enjoy the story rather than diverting the attention every now and then towards the dictionary, thus, unconsciously enhancing the vocabulary, literary and creative aptitude of the child.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

Don’t be afraid of the dark, little one
The earth must rest when the day is done
The sun may be harsh, but moonlight -never!
And those stars will be shining forever and ever,
Be friends with the Night, there is nothing to fear,
Just let your thoughts travel to friends far and near,
By Day, it must seem that our troubles won’t cease,
But at night, late at night ,the world is at peace .


Don’t be afraid of the Dark is a short poem of eight lines where the poet tells a little child, ‘little one’ not be afraid of the dark. Generally, small children are afraid of night because it is associated with darkness and evil. Often, the fear is unknowingly created by the elders of the family with the scary stories they tell the children. The poet thus addresses one such little child not to be afraid of the dark and explains why it is important for the night to come after day. The poet says that it is important for the sun to go down after the whole day so that the earth can take rest during the night and everyone can sleep peacefully. The poet explains that how the ‘sun’ can be ‘harsh’ by shining too strongly upon the earth but ‘moonlight never’ – the light of the moon is always calm and soothing, neither too bright nor too strong, relaxing our mood and giving us a break after the day’s  toil. Further, the stars that shine so brightly in the night shine ‘forever and ever’ to give us light and hope. So, night is a friend to us and there is nothing to be afraid of it. Also, unlike the morning, that herald us with the trouble thoughts and worries of the day, night is peaceful and calm as at night we can take relief from the daily work and let our ‘thoughts’ travel ‘far’ and ‘near’ in our dreams and just be happy. Thus there is nothing to be afraid of the dark as night is friendlier than day.


rest- sleep, harsh- unpleasant or rough, forever-  for always, fear-  an emotion of harm or danger, troubles- difficulty or problems, cease- stop or end of activity,  peace- an emotion of calm

Source: Ruskin Bond’s Book of Verse

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