Out Of The Darkness by Ruskin Bond

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Introducing the Author:


Ruskin Bond

In the world of Children’s Literature, Ruskin Bond is one name whose simplicity of prose and ingenuity of imagination can fascinate the mind of any child reader. To begin with, his stories are as simple as the mind that reads it, his imagery sketching a vivid and colorful canvas as you turn the pages, his descriptions more like a picture in the storybook that at no point gets dull and similar. The beauty of reading Bond is that one doesn’t have to struggle at every line with its vocabulary and as the reading is quite unhindered one can enjoy the story rather than diverting the attention every now and then towards the dictionary, thus, unconsciously enhancing the vocabulary, literary and creative aptitude of the child.

Out Of The Darkness

Out of darkness we came, into darkness we go,
Out of the sea to the land we know,
Out of the trembling hills and its streams,
From night until day we come with our dreams.
The wind and water gave form to our lives,
After thousands of aeons mankind still survives,
And beyond those great spaces ,those planets and stars,
Who knows, there are heart-beats and children like ours!


Out of the Darkness is a short lyrical poem by Ruskin Bond consisting of only eight lines. The poet here sings the song of creation of mankind to the children is a very simple manner but for the adults the poem has a much deeper implication – connecting mankind to his metaphysics – each line of the poem uniting us with cosmos, raising questions that no science can ever explain. The existence of man, ‘how we came’ and ‘where we go after death’ are questions that are unresolved forever – it’s just the ‘darkness’ that we see, nothing more explains it. As human beings we are aware of this world and what we see – ‘the sea’, ‘the land’, ‘the trembling hills, ‘its streams’, the ‘day’ and ‘night’, ‘the wind’ and ‘water’ – everything that we visualize and experience is part of our life and we understand it. But what perplexes us still are questions like, ‘how are all this happening?’, ‘why only earth can sustain life and no other planet around us?’ – the unresolved mystery behind the creation – we come out of the darkness and we go into the darkness – that is all we know about life on earth for ages after ages, ‘aeons’. Thus in the last two lines, the poet assumes that just like life exists on earth without any explanation it might be possible that in the greater cosmos, in some distant or far away ‘planet’ or ‘star’, a life like ours may exist with man and children, with sea and land, with light and darkness. Thus, in the poem, we see that Bond in a very simple and lyrical manner puts in the minds of children the greater metaphysical questions of life and the theory of aliens i.e. the possibility of extra-terrestrial life, the questions that continue to confound the scientists and even mankind.


darkness- partial or total absence of light, trembling- shake, aeon(s)- /plu/ an definite and very long period of time, mankind- the human race, survive(s) – /plu/ continue to live, space(s)– /plu/ a continuous free area

Source Ruskin Bond’s Book of Verse, (Img Source)

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