Child Labor Still A Reality – Why The Failure?

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Child Labor
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 Facts About Child Labor:

  1. Still around 120 million children across the globe are subjected to child labor.
  2. Most of the children are aged between 5 and 14.
  3. Both boys and girls are equally enforced to child labor.
  4. Many of them never attend school or receive any formal education.
  5. Most small children are forced to work either by their parents or by a third party due to poverty and lack of social protection.
  6. Child labor is still prevalent all across the globe as their wages are low and labor is easy. Unlike adults, children are unaware of their rights, many children are even unpaid.
  7. Most child labors are employed in domestic sectors and other sectors that includes huge amount of physical work.
  8. Children in under-developed and developing countries are more vulnerable to child labor due to poor standard of living, poverty, lack of education among parents, lack of social protection.
  9. Natural calamities and human tragedies make children more susceptible to child labor.
  10. International Labour Organization or ILO declared 12th June as the World Day Against Child Labour in 2002. But its effort to eradicate child labor around the globe has failed. Still there are more than 120 million children around the globe who are forced to work to make a living either for them or for their family or by a third-party.

Child Labor

All of you who are reading this article are among those fortunate one who were never subjected to child labor, who were fortunate enough to receive formal education as children, who can afford a decent living as adults. But everyone is not born as fortunate as us. There are many children who never receive the warmth and care of childhood, who never receive love, who remains unseen all their life. These unfortunate children will never know their rights as children, will never be able to make a decent living as an adult and more so even their children might end up working as child laborers. Just for once, imagine your childhood or someone close to you as one among them! A child labor is the victim of society and all their life they remain so. Despite efforts from many international organizations and government it has not been possible to eradicate child labor completely. So why this evil still exist? It is partly because of our own selfishness. It is because we are still unhesitant to use small children as laborers for convenience sake. Why? Because, it is easy to use them. It is not possible for any society or individual or organization to eradicate child labor completely until we as a mass take the pledge to do so, until we leave our selfishness, until we become their voice.

SmartReads pledges to become their voice and hope for education for all children.


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