An Introduction To Money

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Hi, I’m Money

Do you know me?

Of course! Everyone knows me.

I’m the one who can

Make you talk and make you walk.

I have served you for ages

And made you my servant in return.

I can adore you in your neck

I can pierce you through your breast.

You buy blessings with me

I am the trader who trade.

I exist throughout history

And made many of them as well.

I’m the reason of your pathos

And the reason of all your ecstasy.

You love me, you despise me, but

You cannot be without me,

I’m a riddle that is ever unsolved

But I’m no riddle at all.

I’m the king of kings

But a part of me is pauper too.

You know me all your life

Still you don’t know me.

You have me all your life

Still you don’t have me

That is my irony. Yes! I’m Money

Do you know me?


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