- by Snigdha Jain

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Standing in the crowd,
Chatting with the group,
Surrounded by friends,
Yet, you feel so alone.

Wondering what’s wrong with you,
Why can’t you be like them,
Thoughts wandering here and there,
Never stays in one steady place.

Trying hard to connect with them,
Doesn’t seem to work, according to your plan,
It’s hard to understand,
Why is it that you’re different?
They say it can be a good thing,
Means that you’re one of a kind.
Yet sometimes it feels so alone.
Because nobody gets you,
Everybody’s thinking A, but you’re thinking B.
They’re going left, but you wanna go right.

To avoid isolation,
You push yourself hard,
Trying to be like everyone,
Changing your identity,
Losing yourself in the process.

Your mind tries to resist,
But change is all that you persist.
Eventually, you fit in,
Still don’t get the satisfaction.
Losing your uniqueness along the way,
Common is all that you’re now.

Finally, you get the point,
It was never about the crowd,
All you needed was to be okay,
In your own skin and in your own thoughts,
Embrace your difference.

Loneliness will be gone,
Once you accept your own body and mind,
Be confident of yourself,
And those who love you,
Will love you as you are.


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I am a 20-year-old graduate who has a hobby of writing and one day would want to make it a full-time professional career out of it. I am from Bikaner, Rajasthan. Literature and writing are two things that inspire me beyond imagination. I am transfixed by the power that a paper and ink can hold over us, to all the places within and outside us they can make us visit. I hope and dream of one-day inspiring people for improvement and motivate them to seize the day like it has helped me to always follow my dreams. For as long as I can remember I have read books and written all sorts of things. I want to further pursue a Master in English literature.