A Thousand Wishes…

Poem submitted by Anit Mukherjee

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A thousand wishes I might have, but

Each one cries in its own pain

Look at the tombstone of my wishes

Still I leave no stone unturned, but in vain.


Feel tired of fighting with the shadows

And now even the shadows disappear in darkness

Every bit of sorrow leaves me so helpless

That to talk about it, I have to be real shameless.


I guess love is the defining line

Between life and death

Irony is what causes my heart to ache

Is also what causes my heart to beat.


For Christ’s sake can anyone lift the veil?

That surrounds this mystery of joy and sorrow

Even the unfaithful have their own dreams

Can I have only one, even if on borrow.


Which way is the gateway to hell

Tell me St. Peter, tell me St. Michael,

For I am sure I’ll find there


What I’m searching for so long,

Don’t tempt me with talks of heaven,

‘Cause it’s not the place where

My emptiness can break even.


A thousand wishes I might have had

In my heart,

But they have all turned to ashes

By the flame ignited

By the lone resident

Of my heart.


©2014, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Copyright Claim


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