Standing in the crowd, Chatting with the group, Surrounded by friends, Yet, you feel so alone. Wondering what’s wrong with you, Why can’t you be like them, Thoughts [...]
  • Oh! Mamma…

    Oh! Mamma, ma or mummy, Are the first words I ever spoke. The first bond I ever felt. You were the first one to hug me, You were the first one to slap me, Taught me who I [...]

    Wake up from your unending sleep, Rise above your inhuman deeds. See the mess you’ve created, Can you count how many have been cremated? In your mission to change the [...]
  • Teach your Boys…NOW!

    Teach your boy to make tea – making tea is not a woman’s job, whoever wants to drink tea must know how to make tea. Teach your boy to make coffee – because it is not [...]
  • Trepidation… Everywhere

    Author’s Note: This is a poem on the perception that fragments of society attach with women who are considered “bold”, but who is just another girl and has [...]
  • One Step Into The Unknown

    Editor’s Note: An enticing journey of a young girl who comes from a very humble background, decides to take some bold career decisions and embarks on the journey to the [...]
  • Charity Widgets The train left the platform. After standing in this crowded compartment for so long, finally Prabir got a seat. “Thank god that so many people got down at [...]
  • The Nostalgia Called Calcutta

    কলকাতা আমাকে ডেকে নেয় বহুকালের ডাকে বেনামী ভিড় থেকে টেনে নেয় [...]
  • The Dandelions’ Glee

    Here comes springtime, the dandelions bloom, I watch o’er the yellow weeds from my room. The little flowers dance randomly in the gentle wind The little children watch [...]
  • The Banyan Tree

      The sprawling banyan tree stood in the middle of the huge open ground outside the small village for decades. Like an aged and fatherly centurion, it stood there as a [...]
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10 Do’s and Don’ts Tips When in a Relationship

by Anwesha Ghosh in Blogs

  While a relationship starts with love, there comes a phase called after-love where after the fun-factor is over comes the stability-factor in the relationship. This [...]



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